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Services That We Offer

At A Next Generation ADHC, we take pride in caring for your loved ones and offering amenities they enjoy! Our services ensure individual goals are met while sustaining a community environment.



Pick up and drop off by our trained staff ensures your loved one arrives safely at our facilities. Patients are picked up at 7:30am and dropped off safely by 2:30pm. Our fleet of vehicles are well maintained. We are proud RTC paratransit partners! 


Group Activities Daily

Staying active and interacting with others is an essential part of our care. We provide many activities for our clients including:

  • Bingo

  • Tai Chi

  • Billiards

  • Board Games

  • Exercise and Field Trips


Catered Lunches

At A Next Generation ADHC, meals are provided. Carefully created to meet dietary plans and provide a balanced diet. We provide breakfast and lunch along with snacks and refreshments throughout the day.


Light Excercise Gym

Staying active and increasing mobility is one of the biggest goals our clients have. With our onsite exercise room, clients are able to work out and increase overall health and well being. 


Individual Plans

We understand every patient has their own requirements and goals. Our trained staff will help you set an individualized success plan that's right for your family member.  Our number one goal is to increase the quality of life for each of our clients.


English & Spanish Classes

We have a unique family based community with clients from all over the world! We provide daily English and Spanish speaking classes to help our clients sharpen a skill, or learn a new one.

8225 W Sahara Ave Suite H

Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

(702) 476-2899

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